City Studio Club

City Studio doesn’t end after spring break! We have started an ongoing after-school club that focuses on design and three-dimensional environments through workshops, field trips, and discussions with design professionals. Through our meetings, students dive further into understanding the role of design in everyday life.

November 17, 2018 - Field trip to 1708 Gallery’s InLight Exhibit at the VMFA:

Thanks to a sponsorship from 1708 Gallery, our City Studio club was able to take a field trip to this year’s InLight exhibit to view and document the exhibit using photography! Students also joined in the festivities by participating in a lantern making workshop, and visited with artists as they installed their final pieces.


Check out some of our student's photographs from the night, as they captured the installations and learned to draw with light!

Work by: Jeremiah Andrews, Anthony Bullock, Lamya Coleman, Danae’ Monroe, Pierre Johnson, Aasia Robinson, and Albert Simms.

November 13, 2018 - Field trip to the ICA, and Studio 23 with artist Steven Casanova:

Leading up to our field trip to 1708’s InLight Exhibit, our City Studio group took a trip to the Institute for Contemporary Art, to gain inspiration from Rashid Johnson’s Provocations installation and to view their Hedges, Edges, Dirt exhibit. We then headed to Studio Two Three to visit with artist Steven Casanova, to learn about his artistic process, as he created his piece for the Inlight exhibit.

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Help fund City Studio, an design program we piloted during Richmond Public Schools’ 2018 spring break. Over the course of the week, middle schoolers from the East End are introduced to different creative careers related to design and three-dimensional environments through field trips, conversations with a range of professionals, and various hands-on activities.