Justin Smith

I'm Justin Smith and I am a graphic designer from Richmond, VA. I received my Associate's degree in Advertising and Graphic Design with a certificate in Computer Graphics from Halifax Community College in Roanoke Rapids, NC.

I was initially interested in Oakwood Arts because their organization highlights the importance of arts and design education and why access to creative fields is essential. I wanted to help enhance Oakwood Arts' mission. 

During my time at Oakwood Arts, I developed collaborative skills and worked on various projects with tight deadlines. I have designed vibrant visuals for their first ever annual appeal, event flyers, and Facebook banners. I have also been an instructor for Oakwood Arts' Arts & Technology programming, as an instructor for the first Visual Communication class at Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School.

My creative expertise is in print and digital design, having previous experience working with brands in their foundational stages. My goal is to get to the heart of a brand's purpose to produce quality work. I aspire to work in a creative agency in advertising or entertainment.

When I am not designing, I am writing for my blog, AfroVisualism, where I engage in my interests in Afrofuturism, Black Visual Culture, and Black Popular Culture Studies. You can also follow my blog at https://mistahsmif.myportfolio.com/afrovisualism-blog or on instagram: @afrovisualism

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Design Work by Justin Smith while at Oakwood Arts: